The following community residents make up the Board of Directors for Ellis Pond.  These individuals were elected by our community to voluntarily serve on the board.  Two of these roles will serve a one-year term; and three of these roles will serve a two-year term.  This provides for an established rotation among our board and can avoid a turnover of the entire board.

Note:  The ARC Committee Chair role is not a board position but is a vital part of maintaining high standards in our community.

Amanda MacKay – President

Paul Guzewicz – Vice President

Melani Green – Secretary

Maggie Dorsett – Treasurer

Paul Foster – Assistant Secretary

Robert Bailey – ARC Committee Chair

HOA –  Ellis Pond Community Manager:  Sam Woolford

AMS / Association Management Solutions Inc.

Office:  248 Latitude Lane, Suite 102, Lake Wylie, SC 29710

Phone:  (803) 831-7023


Fax:  (803) 831-7017